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Sun, 30th September 2018 12:00pm - Wed, 10th October 2018 6:00pm

Gib or Bust 2018

Harvey Jones, Ken Avery, Andy Snelson and Ken Kincaid are entering the Gib or Bust 2018 Banger Rally Challenge to riase money for Leukaemia UK, Children's Chronic Arthritis Asociation and Winscombe Lodge Charity Chest.

Please visit our Virgin Money Giving website (click on link below):-



Wed, 10th October 2018 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Gib or Bust 2018

Brothers Harvey Jones, Ken Avery and Andy Snelson plan to bring the vintage Toyota straight from the Gib or Bust 2018 Banger Rally Challenge to Yatton Masonic Hall on the evening of the Installation for all Members and Visitors to get a close up view of this indestructable car before it is marketed for sale (hopefully).

Any donations made at Yatton Masonic Hall on 11th October together with all proceeds from the vehicle sale will be given to Winscombe Lodge 6474 Charity Chest

Thankyou for your support

Harvey Jones


Thu, 11th October 2018 5:30pm - 10:30pm

New Event

Please note Installation Meeting start time is 5.30PM